Bestil din LEXION inden 1. dec. 2020 
 - Få egne lokale vejrdata fra din mark.  

 Order your LEXION before 1st of dec. 2020 
 - Get your own local weather
 data from your field.  

Optimise your harvest with a CLAAS combine and data.

No one controls the weather, but it does not mean that you cannot give yourself insight on how the weather conditions affect you and your harvest. The CLAAS combine harvester LEXION assists you in achieving an effective, precise, comfortable, reliable and flexible harvest - with data from FieldSense weather stations. Introducing the collaboration between CLAAS LEXION and FieldSense weather stations you will receive local and accurate weather data on your fields. FieldSense gives you the tools to increase your yield and reduce your costs.  

Picture 1 - LEXION
Picture 1 - Fieldsense
Fieldsense 1
Fieldsense 2
Fieldsense 3
Let CLAAS LEXION revolutionise your harvest:
  • The most flexible tresher on the market with APS SYNFLOW in both hybrid and walker combines
  • Maximum capacity during difficult harvest conditions, which enables harvest of ready crops. 
  • Intelligent allocation of the engine's effect exactly where it is neeeded
  • CEMOS AUTOMATIC - automatic continuous optimisation of the combine throughout the day based on your demands in quality and capacity that puts your investment to maximum use
  • DYNAMIC POWER secures low fuel costs as the combine is constantly adjusted to the actual load 
  • Completely new drive line for combines of the future
  • High comfort in use and low noise 
  • Flexibility in all crops  
  • The market's most complete programme for cutterboards
The FieldSense weather station informs you directly from the field:
  • Access to local weather data straight from your own field. Measures from 2 metres height, which gives you accurate and reliable data
  • Data on the amount of rain on your field, which gives you insight on the soil's humidity and water conditions at all times
  • Time your sowing for optimal conditions by knowing the soil temperature 
  • Receive information on the actual growth of your crops by monitoring each step of their development - on a daily basis
  • Harvest at the perfect moment by receiving information on actual air humidity 
  • Know when the wind conditions are optimal for spraying your field 
  • Receive warnings on your FieldSense app when there are threats of infestion in your crops
  • Gives you 24/7 information on wind speed, air and soil temperature, air and soil humidity, air pressure, rain amount, light and UV

The campaign is available until 1st December 2020. The campaign applies with the purchase of a new LEXION.The weather station and subscription apply for a three-year period whereafter the subscription can be extended by appointment with a FieldSense dealer. Contact you local CLAAS dealer for terms and conditions. We reserve the right to not be liable for any printing errors.